The worktool

of the perfect epicurean

When I was young I used to watch my father hammering copper in the Normandy Region where I grew up. In his own way, he was an artist and I marveled at the way at which, under his hands, raw materials transformed into delicate art forms.

I use exotic woods, earth and metals, animal skins and precious stones originating from Madagasacar to transform my vision into art and beauty.

I put all my passion into the creation of my ashtrays, using generous and ornamental forms. They present an exquisite and magical atmosphere of discovery and sensual pleasure…

Each THORIGNÉ ashtray is a unique and exceptional piece entirely hand made using traditional methods



« To assert my belief in sheer beauty and art form I use and
transform all kinds of exotic woods, metals, animal skins
and precious gems originating from Madagasacar. »